Monday, May 24, 2010

day 1 - what's in a name?

"Hurry up." These are the words I find myself saying all too often - to myself and to my sweet children - when what I really need to be saying is "slow down." I find that I am so often rushing through the day, forgetting to slow down and enjoy the special moments and little victories that each day holds.
My goal over the next 365 days is to hurry up (and) slow down and appreciate each day and the moments it holds as the special gifts from God that they are. I hope that taking a picture a day and posting it will keep me accountable and that some of you will get a kick out of having a glimpse into our crazy wonderful life!
Little victory caught on camera: M has finally mastered "pumping." Check out her face. She's so excited about high she can swing "all by myself!"

1 comment:

  1. Love the smile! Also looks like Chad built the same swing set that LT did for the girls. Love it!