Monday, May 9, 2011

day 175 - a dream come true

that's what M wrote in her thank you note to Giggy and Opa.

she even made her own birthday cake this year...

that's 7 candles on one tiny little cake!

day 174 - how did they talk me into this?

at the top of the tallest slide at the Rodeo,

G and I were asking ourselves the same question.

while M was ecstatic.

day 173 - the twilight zone

Chad takes G to get his haircut at Doug's Barber Shop.

Stepping into Doug's shop is like stepping back in time.

On this particular day, Chad was not available to take little man to get his haircut.

I have to admit, I felt a little out of's kind of like a man's club in there.

But G knew just what to do...he found the basket of toys under one of the chairs and patiently (and quietly) played while he waited.

When it was his turn, he calmly climbed into the chair and sat incredibly still while Doug gave him a trim.


day 172 - it really shouldn't be this hard

seriously, all i wanted was one picture

day 171 - girls' day

What a wonderful surprise!

M had the day off school, but G didn't.

That can only mean one thing...girls' day!!

We ate out for lunch and then headed over to the Butterfly Center.

(note: Check it out...she's missing 2 front teeth!)

day 170 - chopsticks

M and G are surprisingly good at eating with chopsticks.

This is one of our favorite new spots...Jenni's Noodle's all good in the noodlehood.

day 169 - boys and their toys

so the conversation went a little something like this...

mommy, what are we doing today?

(we are going to buy daddy's christmas present. we're going to get him a tie.)

no. let's get him a chainsaw.

(i don't think daddy needs, or wants, a chainsaw.)

yes. he does.

(i really don't think so.)

...this goes on for sometime until i suggest we call daddy and ask him.

that conversation went a little something like this:

hello sweetheart. g and i are going christmas shopping for you and he is insisting that we get you a chainsaw. will you please tell him that you don't need, or want, a chainsaw.

(well...a small chainsaw would be kind of cool.)

oh ok.

at which point i tell G that daddy apparently, to my surprise, would like a chainsaw.

his response?

i told you.

guess what daddy got for Christmas?

(note: it is now May 9th and the chainsaw is still in the box...i'm just saying, he would have worn the tie by now.)

day 168 - weird

this is G wearing his "safety eating gear."

day 167 - that's a wrap!

there's a surprise "under" the tree for you daddy!

you should have heard all the to my ears.

day 166 - he's got it

i had very carefully arranged the pieces of our Nativity scence only to come back and find that G had rearranged it so that all the focus was on Jesus.

i think he understands the real reason for the season.

what a lesson...thanks for the reminder sweet boy.

day 165 - cold

it was cold this morning.

35 degrees...and our little old house is drafty!!

day 164 - "proper" thanksgiving attire

an indian and a pilgrim...

day 163 - a real ballerina

we went to the tree lighting ceremony at the Wortham Center this year.

we didn't actually see the tree lighting, but M did get to take a picture with a real ballerina.

(notice that big hole where a tooth used to be?)

day 162 - from long ago

i found these pictures this morning.

i love them.

look how short his legs were last february (2010).

he's so tall now!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

day 161 - reality

reality has set in.

it is may 8th, 2011.

i started this blog just under a year ago, on may 24, 2011.

in theory, since my goal was to post a picture a day, i should be close to being finished.

in reality, i'm nowhere close. i'm on day 161. i should be on day day 349. quite a differential.

so, i've decided to just take my time and enjoy the process of going through photos from the past several months and posting them here.

feel free to follow along...or not, you may have given up on me. i'm sorry.

for now though, i'm going to go pop some popcorn and watch a "mother's day movie" with my 3 favorite people...i promise i'll be back to post soon.