Sunday, September 12, 2010

day 111 - a "perfect" morning, part 2

We saw these super cool guys yesterday during our "perfect" morning at the park.
The kids loved them.
I mean honestly, who doesn't love a good mariachi?
We also saw this cute little guy at the zoo.
a was the perfect morning!

day 110 - a "perfect" morning, part 1

Today had the perfect mid-September morning at Hermann Park in Houston...which means we were bitten by mosquitos and endured crazy hot & humid weather.
But it was nice...really.
This is a picture of Chad not even breaking stride to swat at the Texas state insect.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

day 109 - plate licker

On day 11 I called G a "pit tickler." (He still is by the way...)

He's also a "plate licker" least when chocolate is involved.

day 108 - there's a new chef in town

M and G have been taking turns preparing dinner with me for the past couple of weeks. Tonight was M's turn. She very politely followed directions and helped me prepare our main dish.
When we were done she said, "OK, now its my turn. I need tomatoes, oregano, basil, apples, strawberries, oil, salt and pepper and vanilla." I must admit, I was intrigued. We gathered the ingredients and talked a little about her plan.
Her first "side" (her term - we've been watching too much Top Chef) was a tomato & oregano pasta salad. She tasted it and didn't think the vanilla would be so great...I agreed. I introduced a new ingredient: balsalmic vinegar. (note: she would not allow me to taste anything until Daddy came home and we sat down for dinner.)
Her second "side" was strawberries and apples with a dipping sauce. She couldn't figure out how to get the vanilla and basil together...I suggested Greek yougurt. After tasting, she decided it needed a little honey. (again, no tasting on my part)
Finally, Daddy got home and we were allowed to taste the dishes. They were amazing!! I'll be making the basil/vanilla/honey yougurt dipping sauce again soon.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

day 107 - snail

I found a snail in a parking lot today.

I couldn't believe it as it was happening, but I actually found myself bending down to pick it up so I could show it to M and G after school. (I take this as proof positive that this experiment is working...I'm slowing down!)

M and G were fascinated...especially M.
I love that slimy things don't freak her out.

day 106 - boots

This is what G wore to school today.

I love, love, love that they go to a school where each child is encouraged to have their own personal style.
Even though those style choices may make me a little crazy sometimes.

day 105 - #25288

That's our Daisy troop number.

M = Girl Scout

I = Girl Scout leader

Today was our first meeting...there were a few crazy moments. There are 10 of them!!

day 104 - besties

M (hearts) R.

R (hearts) M.

day 103 - cooking

G is quite the chef.

He prepared, plated and served scrambled eggs family style for dinner tonight.

day 102 - sweet (and sassy)

sweet (adj.) - much loved: DEAR

sassy (adj.) - IMPUDENT
Lately M has been both sweet (dear) and sassy (impudent).
Some people think sassy is cute...I do not.
(note: Presently, this is M's favorite shirt. It's a bit much for pink sequins!? At least I don't have to wear it.)

day 101 - treasures

We spent a while at a park today in San Antonio.

M and G had a great time hiking with their Daddy, Uncle Shane and Marmee.
These are the treasures they collected.

day 100 - bittersweet

Today I got to spend the morning at the zoo with sweet August.

It was so fun, but it made me mourn the loss of spontaneous mid-week zoo trips...and holding hands with a sweet sweet 2 year old.

day 99 - nuts!

We eat a lot of peanuts at our house.
So many that we actually have peanut buckets!
This is one of G's favorite things to do.

day 98 - doorbell

I just love our doorbell.
I like to believe that it was here when our little house was built in 1929.
Which means it has been announcing the arrival of visitors for decades.
Today its cheerful ring meant that our friends were here to play!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

day 97 - yummylicious

Still loving that la-la-melon!

day 96 - big time

You know your little girl is all grown up when she starts taking spelling tests!

day 95 - project runway hopeful

the challenge: make an outfit for one of your stuffed animals using only silly bandz

And...I think she's dressed for the part.

Have you seen the crazy quirky outfits some of the contestants on Project Runway have been wearing?

Makes this outfit look a little tame.

day 94 - don't take my picture

Someone is tired of having their picture taken.