Monday, May 9, 2011

day 169 - boys and their toys

so the conversation went a little something like this...

mommy, what are we doing today?

(we are going to buy daddy's christmas present. we're going to get him a tie.)

no. let's get him a chainsaw.

(i don't think daddy needs, or wants, a chainsaw.)

yes. he does.

(i really don't think so.)

...this goes on for sometime until i suggest we call daddy and ask him.

that conversation went a little something like this:

hello sweetheart. g and i are going christmas shopping for you and he is insisting that we get you a chainsaw. will you please tell him that you don't need, or want, a chainsaw.

(well...a small chainsaw would be kind of cool.)

oh ok.

at which point i tell G that daddy apparently, to my surprise, would like a chainsaw.

his response?

i told you.

guess what daddy got for Christmas?

(note: it is now May 9th and the chainsaw is still in the box...i'm just saying, he would have worn the tie by now.)

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